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We provide science-driven and market-based optimal business solutions specifically made to overcome therapeutic & specialty lifesciences based product development challenges across lifecycle.

Fewer pipeline products and blockbuster drugs are on the horizon, despite increased investment in research and development. There is also an added pressure of expiration of patents protecting existing brands. Research-driven pharmaceutical companies are therefore increasingly relying on lifecycle management (LCM) strategies to maximize their profitability.

We understand the needs of emerging technology companies in regard to appropriate performance and productivity targets to optimize research budget and allocate resources effectively. To cater such needs, we deliver expert advice and counsel to protect against competitive and regulatory risks by helping you optimize LCM strategies.

pharmaceuticals and life sciences LCM strategies
Some of our selective service offering are:
Diagnostic dish
  • Disease understanding (biological pathways, unmet needs etc.)
  • Drug targets selection & validation.
  • Biomarkers identification & validation (omics-based biomarkers, gene variants etc.)
  • Clinical trial analytics
  • Drug/device pipeline landscape
  • Company profiling
  • Product performance benchmarking
  • Threat assessment (timelines and probability of launch assessments)
  • Due diligence and opportunity assessment etc.
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  • Maximizing brand loyalty
  • Portfolio augmentation
    • Introduction of fixed-dose combinations (FDCs)
    • Generics identification to complement current portfolio
    • Divestiture support for non-performing assets
    • Prescription to over-the counter (OTC) product switch
  • Support in defining pricing strategies
Realistic data trends
  • Due Diligence and Opportunity Assessment etc.
  • Ideation & concept validation studies
    • Literature review & evidence synthesis
    • Patent landscape studies
    • Tactical research (geopolitical, socioeconomic)
  • Product attribute analysis (TPP validation)
  • Asset valuation (Technical, commercial)
  • In-licensing/Out-licensing support
Realistic data trends
  • KOL identification, liaisoning & management
  • Brand positioning
  • Competitor strategies
  • In-licensing/Out-licensing support
Global outreach and analysis
  • Regulatory & reimbursement intelligence
  • Market analysis (Cultural, political, economic & infrastructural variables)
  • Partner identification

Our step-by-step, comprehensive approach ensure successful achievement of the larger growth strategy. Our life science consultants have rich experience in strategic planning and developing a customized road map that will improve drug development and commercialization efficiency. To ease out this process we can help. To know more, please get in touch.